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I offer concrete Surface preparation  for cattle and pigs floors. In addition, I also offer hoof grooming. I have 8 years of experience in concrete surface preparation and I travel across the country. And if necessary, I can bring my  caravan with me  and  stay overnight on site.


Floor and stable types

It’s called  concrete surface preparation, but I’m cutting out grooves in all types of concrete floors, both sloping floors, as well as blazing. Perstrupgulv, at collection sites and some places even through the milking parlor. I have torn floors in several pigs and so-stables here, the feedback is very positive. I have chosen to cut the grooves with a slant spacing of 9 mm. This distance has been successfully used for several years in the Netherlands. The experience among clown crockers, but also veterinarians and consultants tells me that this distance provides the best slip protection for the animals. Of course, I would like to sharpen the grooves if desired, but it is not recommended, as the edges of the grooves act as anti-slip. The more the more ridges, thus better slip protection. My experience, by grogging of cows running on torn floors, sampling from many other clover cutters, means that I will continue to recommend little groove for the sake of the clowns. It provides both good clutch and the best slip protection. Farm Test Cutting of floors in cattle halls recommends small groove condition for better slip protection. The same test confirms that there are only positive experiences with the cloves on the floor cut with a small groove condition. groove Distance I can cut the grooves in the wide, with the distance it desires, since it’s only a matter of how to assemble the drum. I would like to refer to Farmtest in groove cutting, at the same time as my groove distance gives maximum slip protection.

Concrete surface preparation:

Corrugated slits give the cows a better leg position.

A better leg gives more accurate wear on the clowns.

And thus less clown problems Drivers can move more relaxed Again, the cows will show the heat.

 Concrete surface preparation retention lasts longer than slitting or milling

The clover cutter I have spoken with recommends little groove clearance for optimum slip protection

prices in Denmark, for other countries send me an email for prices:

Concrete surface preparation:

Ko stables 32, – DKK per m2 with 9 mm groove distance.

Swine stables 35, – DKK per m2 with 9 mm groove distance.

diagonally + 3, – DKK per m2 with 9 mm groove distance.

Start fee from 400 DKK + possible bridge charge Zealand, 1500 DKK